Thursday, 22 December 2011

Teachers sick on holiday‏

Why is it that teachers hold on till the end, committed to their children and colleagues? The number of people I know that save up their minor ailments till the school holidays is quite large. Is it poor pensions? Or is it dedication? Up to you to judge. 
Whichever you decide it is, this year I've joined them, ach well:). I can think of no better place and time to do it than on a sunny holiday. Here's the view from our balcony at 8 am this morning. 
So what if my nose is all blocked up? I love relaxing with my fiance and close family and I feel very privileged to have a fantastic team who, I know, will run the school exceedingly well in my absence. What a blessing they are! Here's wishing everyone a lovely Christmas with family and friends. May you have a relaxing and wonderful time, refreshed and happy at the start of 2012, your best year yet!