Saturday, 13 August 2011

Rainy Day



“Rain, rain, go away,                  

please come back another day,

 little Johnny wants to play!”


Not at Montessori……

........ Our children LOVE the rain and welcome every opportunity to get out there.


Let me tell you what some of the children got up to……..


Jack did his favourite thing: filling up the tipper with water and then releasing the catch to “make a BIG splash!”


Later he joined in with the cleaning team as they set to cleaning the sandy area around the water butt. A brief rain shower had topped up the water butt and the tarmac was still wet. At the suggestion that we might want to tidy the area a bit a few of the children rushed off to get the brooms and brushes. Then the fun began. Water and sand make lovely mud. There was a team of willing volunteers and we had a ‘works meeting’. Marcus, bless him, stopped moving the wet sand around for a bit to exclaim: “I LOVE the rain!” and then carried on. Of course, all we were doing was moving mud around, but it was done with a great sense of purpose, not to mention joy.


That same morning, Matt and Katey carried out a junior science experiment. They lifted a heavy bucket filled with water and ducks onto one side of the balance. Then Matt stepped onto the other side, taking care not to slip. Having lost some water in the process, Katey carefully topped up the water, filling the bucket to the brim again. Then Matt jumped and, sure enough, the bucket slid off and the balance was washed clean. Not science you think?



“Play is the highest form of research“

Albert Einstein

I rest my case.


On the same day Tim built what initially looked like a computer desk. He assured me, however, that it was a fireworks machine. He was happy to have his machine’s picture taken, so that we could  share his achievement with his friends and parents, and with you!



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