Tuesday, 6 September 2011

One sunny day


Today's blog is a guest post, written by one of our Nursery Assistants.


Joey  built a 'parachute tent' in the morning, using the tables and chairs,  
with the parachute as a roof - very creative!

When everyone else started arriving, they thought it was fantastic!


We added the tunnel to make the entrance look more interesting and fun to crawl through. Katy, Andy, Tim, and Cindy thought peeking through the hole in the middle was great fun and took it in turns to shout “BOO!” through the hole.

Jack found a half built tower and added some blocks himself to finish it off, making a brilliant tower. This inspired Otto, Mick and Ollie to come over and do some building too. The boys all worked together to make an impressive rocket that they sat on and did ‘countdown.’

Later in the afternoon, Joey used his creativity again and putting the slides together, he made an obstacle course. Some of the other children joined in, but with all the children and only three slides to climb up and slide down, we decided to work together and make an even bigger obstacle course with all the equipment in the garden for everyone to use.


There was a variety of things to do, starting with jumping in some hoops then whizzing down the first slide, then testing your balance on one of the balance beams, crawling under the table, climbing up and sliding down two smaller slides then walking across the other balance beam before walking up the steps then shooting down the last two slides.


Everyone had great fun and some of them even tried doing it backwards
which they found quite easy!






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