Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Snowmen galore, outside and indoors


On Monday the children made three snowmen.
Here they are before they were abandoned in favour of a story in our warm & cosy Montessori room.


Inside we had foamy pre-cut snowmen shapes, a box of buttons and glitter, paper & glue. With some black hats the children created these:


 The next day we added a few more pompoms, glue, goggly eyes and cotton wool. The children found some sparkly glitter shapes and a few bits and pieces and there you go!

The first snowman was made by a three-year-old boy with a little support from a teacher.


The second one was made by a two-year-old on his own, without teacher support. Never underestimate a two-year-old!


The children started simply with some blue paper and free access to a roll of cotton wool.


Here's a collection of samples on display:



Tomorrow we'll be back to see what happened to the ice in the bowl that we left outside. It's minus 4 degrees Celcius, very cold for England:)


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