Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Jubilee Celebrations at Southwater Montessori

On the one and ONLY sunny day of the week, Wednesday 13th June, we celebrated Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee in style, with a proper picnic lunch party.

Just before lunch the children gathered to watch footage on our big screen, of the young Elizabeth's solemn and festive coronation in Westminster Abbey and her procession down the aisle as Britain's newly crowned young queen. Some of the children had a go themselves, with a home-made crown and a crimson robe. They became increasingly astonished as we counted all the way up to 60 to get an idea of how long Her Majesty has already been on the throne. Then they enjoyed watching the fireworks over Buckingham Castle and waving their flags, some with their faces already painted.


By noon most of our guests had arrived and the food had been laid out on tables in the garden, so it was washing hands and tucking in time.

 Whilst the mums and dads sat enjoying their food, the children got going on the party activities. There was facepainting, crown-making and all the usual outdoor activities with blocks and cars and hula hoops etc. Some of our children were showing their younger siblings how to do things, very sweet. We can share some pictures on biscuit-decorating and crown-making. 


We had a fab egg & spoon race with both adults & children taking part side by side. Not all of the eggs survived .....


The culmination of the day was another procession, this time outdoors. With just a little bit of help the children staged several coronations and even a knighting or two. It may not all have been strictly according to royal protocol, but a great time was had by all and the party seemed over all too soon. 

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